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Armed with years of experience and the knowledge that quality RF circuit design means a very specialized and careful approach, the engineers at EarthTron ensure a successful project from start to finish. Our team starts with a full requirements definition document and follow it up with feasibility studies (where necessary) to reduce risks that we identify during the process. A test plan is developed and utilized to ensure that nothing in the prototype design is out of spec. If necessary, will also take this design to final product.

EarthTron offers an array of Product Development Services (PDS) suitable for any original equipment manufacturers (OEM) or printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers. EarthTron offers chip, board and software design services on a per-project bases serving several vertical markets.

With a staff that has over 50 years combined experience in both manufacturing and distribution we understand the importance of getting high quality product when you need it.

  • RF amplifiers
  • Zigbee, 802.x, Bluetooth
  • Antenna Design
  • RF design to 10GHz
  • Receiver design
  • Amplifier design
  • Impedance matching
  • Transformer design
  • Filter design
  • IF mixer design
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