Frequently Asked Questions about our Electronic Components Services


Q. What is an "Unlimited Franchised Distributor", and what service do they provide?

A. As an unlimited franchised distributor, EarthTron is franchised for some lines (including Veritas Light high speed lighting systems, Bomar Crystals, and Ocean Manufacturing) but has the ability to sell other line items. 

Even if your parts are discontinued, allocated, have long lead times, or are simply unavailable, Earthtron LLC helps buyers to take that extra step in finding the parts that they need by using an extensive database of available parts. 


Q. How does Earthtron LLC differ from a "Franchised Distributor?"

A. Earthtron LLC offers two additional services:

Even if the part is not available at our warehouse, EarthTron can use a number of reputable suppliers to check for availability. A franchised distributor can only offer stock 'available' to them. If the part is not in stock, then you are out luck.

EarthTron offers authentic parts for at least 15% off the franchised distribution price. By using EarthTron LLC you can avoid factory prices, lead times, and tiered pricing systems.


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Q. How often will I use Earthtron LLC?

A. How often do you run into difficulty finding a component, getting it at the right price, or meeting scheduling requirements? Whether it is once a year or daily, Earthtron LLC is happy to assist you - and we guarantee a response within 2-3 business days.


Q. What are the advantages of using Earthtron LLC?

A. Earthtron LLC does the work for you, allowing you to focus on the development and production of your product. We use a 52-point screening process to authenticate the quality of our parts and weed out any sub-standard, defective, or counterfeit items.

To date, we have a 0% rejection rate from our customers due to counterfeit parts.


Q. Once I place a request with Earthtron LLC am I obligated to buy?

A. Absolutely not. Earthtron LLC understands the competitive nature of the market. Sending in a request for quote is simply that. It is not a guarantee or commitment to buy.


Q. What about cost?

A. In today's electronics economy, pricing is very much a function of supply and demand. Earthtron LLC ability to source a "supply" will mean a better price for you. When requesting a quote, Earthtron LLC asks that you provide a "target price" - that is, how much you wish to pay for a component. This enables Earthtron LLC to stay within your budgetary constraints.


Q. I have excess OEM stock. Can I receive a quote?

A. Yes. Send us a copy of your stock list so that we can appraise it.




Q. What are some of your other services?

A. These are some of the other services that we provide:

Hybrid Consignment

            To maximize your return on surplus inventory, EarthTron can physically hold your stock and utilize an excess placement system. The EPIC cross-match system enables us to PLACE your excess with the customers who value it most, enabling you to receive the highest return possible in the shortest amount of time.


BOM: Kitting, VMI, and Warehousing

            Our kitting services will provide you with information about the product assembly, including parts received, parts on order, and parts in stock through EarthTron's VMI warehousing facility.


Marketing and Distribution

             EarthTron can handle all aspects of your marketing and distribution, allowing you to focus on product development and enhancement. Our services include marketing, distribution, warehousing, lead generation, and supply chain management.


Marketing and Distribution Services