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Access Our Special FPGA Price List

Many FPGA buyers face two problems:

  1. Long lead-times: If the majors allow you to buy from them, you could be faced with a 2-3 month lead-time before you will see your parts.

  2. Pricing: Some buyers are only interested in purchasing lower quantity FPGA for prototyping and R&D. However, Franchised distributors of Altera and Xilinx parts - such as Avnet and Digikey - are compelled to sell using a tiered pricing system, meaning that these customers receive no discount whatsoever.

As an unlimited distributor of FPGA, xilinx distributor can offer authentic parts for far below the pricing that franchised Altera distributors and Xilinx distributors do.

Our FPGA are sourced from OEM surplus.

Contact us to save thousands off the sticker price.

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