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Earthtron offers comprehensive solutions and services for kitting, warehousing, sourcing, and distribution of products. There are a many advantages that businesses can realize by outsourcing their supply chain management and logistics needs to a value-added third party logistics provider.

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EarthTron's EPIC Program for Excess Components

EarthTron offers a stable, predictable, and reliable solution to Inventory Control challenges. Franchised distributors are limited by their contracts with the specific chip manufacturers they carry. They are not allowed to offer you alternative pin for pin replacement parts from any manufacturers not on their line card. They can't even offer the exact part they may have a shortage on if it is available as excess at another one of their OEM/CEM customers. That is where EarthTron's "EPIC"™ program becomes a huge asset for our OEM/CEM clients.


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About The EPIC Program


Excess Placement and Inventory Control works by strategically matching up one customer's excess with another customer's requirement. In doing so we are able to get a greater return for the excess while providing a shortage part to the end customer, often below their standard pricing. EPIC provides a closed supply channel that provides parts that are direct from the factory or the customers they have sold to. This eliminates fears of counterfeit and/or sub-standard chips making their way into your supply chain.


With a staff that has over 50 years combined experience in both manufacturing and distribution we understand the importance of getting high quality product when you need it.



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